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Yubaka Hayra

Gathering of Ayahuasca leaders of the Jurua River

Acre State

Brazilian Amazon

In the heart of the River Jurua, known as the most sinuous in the world, Indigenous Peoples are gathering to ask the forest how to respond to some of the biggest threats faced by the Amazon Rainforest, and also, humanity as a whole. With more than three-hundreds Indigenous people representing fifteen nations and several uncontacted tribes, Yubaka Hayra is one of the largest gatherings of Indigenous Amazonian voices, and a vital space for the unifying of the Amazon's forest guardians.

Yubaka Hayra is an Indigenous social movement. Like the physical movement of the Jurua river and the sacred caapi plant (used for the making of ayahuasca) this gathering weaves communities with Nature.


Yubaka Hayra is an ayahuasca ritual, a political summit and a form of decision-making in which people think and move as forest, as river, as plant, as one.

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Yubaka Hayrá

Gathering of the Indigenous Peoples of the Jurua River

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Unlike a conventional conference, Yubaka Hayra draws on the power of medicinal plants to help spiritual leaders in the Jurua region find ways to address climate and environmental challenges.


We cannot expect to find solutions to nature's crisis, if only humans are allowed at the roundtable. This is a major effort to unite the peoples of the Amazon so that, with worldwide support, local communities and the nonhuman beings that interact with the communities can act as united guardians against the current threats faced by the world's largest forest biome.


This year, in September, GWW is joining members of fourteen different nations who are meeting to decide how to act against the proposed Transoceanic Highway, an international Pan-Amazonian road causing major deforestation, drug trafficking, disease and forest fires in Peru and Brazil.

Represented nations:


Apolima Arara

Huni Kuin

Jaminawá Arara


Noke Koi





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A message from Guardians member Kaya Shawanawa:

" We are living in tense times, and it is necessary to come together to get through the difficulties that humanity is facing. Our people have visions of how to create new story, based on respect for nature and respect for our place in the world. "

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