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Guardians Worldwide is a community based initiative that connects nature custodians from all around the world, indigenous and non-indigenous, local and global, urban and rural, young and old. Our mission is to build capacity for forest and river guardians, to carry out community led and globally linked reforestation and river restoration, and also to facilitate learning through our practice and work in the area of nature stewardship. We focus on placed-based, human rights-based, land-based and ancestral ways of learning.

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Guardians Worldwide is the fruit of many years of journeying with Nature. 

 We believe that we need to find deep and resilient ways of caring for and restoring rivers and forests. Connecting, supporting, and building strong partnerships is key. Inspired by the vision that we can live with and as forests, Guardians is connecting those who defend and steward water and forest systems worldwide in a global movement for change and climate action.

You too can join the Guardians international community and learn from some of the most extraordinary indigenous and non-indigenous guardians defending the world’s rivers and forests today.


You too can become a guardian and make a difference.

How to join?

You can become guardian in many ways. You can join our Guardians Mighty Networks, and stay informed of what our community is doing, or share your own work. You can join one of our Massive Open Online Courses, or a short course, our River School or one of our Guardians Walks. 

You can become a Guardians donor, or volunteer to work in our organisation

Meet the Guardians

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