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Legal Volunteer

Cynthia is a human rights lawyer and advocate from Kenya. She practices law at the firm of Muturi Gakuo and Kibara Advocates in Mombasa


Researcher and Board of Trustees

Mercy is a Nigerian journalist and researcher with an expertise in gender, politics, and conflict.  She works as Senior Lecturer in Media at the University of Newcastle.

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Board of Trustees

Tawana is the spiritual and cultural leader of the Kariri Xoco Fulkaxo people based in Sergipe, and guardian of Reserva Ecologica Fulkaxo located in Northeastern Brazil.


Volunteer Course Administrator

Hiten is a forensics analyst from Kenya

with a passion for climate justice, currently living in the United States.

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Legal Volunteer

Chiara is a human rights lawyers and advocate from Italy specialising in Gender Rights, Intersectionality and Sex and Gender Based Violence.

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Founder and Director

Nic is a forest and river guardian, environmental activist and human rights advocate from Chile and UK. He is the Editor of Minority Rights Group and he is also a participatory action researcher


Course Curator

Corinna is a German health expert interested in climate justice, healing and nature reconnection based in Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

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Board of trustees

Kamilu is an oral historian and human rights advocate who has studied the Maguzawa or Hausa animists for twenty years. He is an advocate for the guardianship of Yarmariya Bush and he is the founder of Al Fitra Academy, a primary school in Kano city

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Board of Trustees

Datu is tribal leader of the Hina-Onon people and director of Tribes and Nature Defenders, guardians of Mindanao Forest in Southern Philippines.


Board of Trustees

Leonard is an indigenous environmental and land defender, founder & director of the Program for the Heritage of Ogiek and Mother Earth (ProHOME) and guardian of Mau Forest.


Lead Little Guardians

Leo is a tree expert and eco-counsellor, who is leading the Little Guardians and other children led projects within Guardians Worldwide.

Corinna Bürger de Oliveira

Kamilu Hassan Hamza

Leonard Mindore
Chiara Passuello

Mercy Ette

Cynthia Achieng

Datu Lanelio Sangcoan

Hiten Mekenye

Tawana Kariri Xoco

Leo Salazar Sequeiros
Nicolas Salazar Sutil
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Laura Santamaria

Board of Directors

Laura is an Argentinian social designer, activist and publisher, editor of Sublime Magazine and Research Lead at the school of Communication, Royal College of Art 

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Nesreen Hussein

Board of Directors

Nesreen is an Egyptian artist, theatre scholar and researcher, currently Senior Lecturer at the University of Middlesex.

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