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Board of Trustees

Daniel is the President of the Ogiek Peoples Development Programme (OPDP) working for the protection of the Mau Forest Complex in Western Kenya.

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Consultant Guardians Worldwide

Rob is a system thinker and environmentalist from Holland, now based in Brazil. He is  Project Manager  for a Bioeconomy for the Amazon & European Climate Pact Ambassador


Founder and Director

Nic  is the founder and director of Guardians Worldwide. He specialises in transformational work in areas of human rights and nature protection. He is the author of several books, radio programmes and podcasts. He is also Editor of Minority Rights Group, and Consultant for The Tenure Facility.


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Board of Trustees

Tawana is a leader of the Kariri Xoco Fulkaxo Peoples of Sergipe in Northeastern Brazil. Along with members of his family, he is leading the creation of Rserva Ecologica Fulkaxo, for the regeneration of 550 hectares of Atlantic Forest

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Board of trustees

Kamilu is an oral historian and human rights advocate who has studied the Maguzawa or Hausa animists for twenty years. he is the protector of Jalli Bush and founder of Al Fitra Academy, a school in Kano city


Lead Researcher

Mercy is a Nigerian journalist and researcher with an expertise in gender, politics, and conflict.  
She holds a Phd from the University of Leeds. Her research explores how gender intersects with various aspects of socio-cultural and political discrimination.

Tawana Cruz

Kamilu Hassan Hamza

Mercy Ette

Daniel Kobei

Rob de Laet

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