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Follow the Land: Trekking, Transhumance, Trail Pilgrimage

Transformational Course on Land Consciousness

Led by Nic Salazar Sutil in partnership with Grampus Heritage

06 September - 01 October 2021

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06 September - 01 October

Eight live sessions held via Zoom, guided walk live or via streaming + full access to course materials (readings, videos and recordings)


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10 October to 21 October or 22 to 30 October

One Grampus Erasmus + Placement in Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia or Cyprus (flights, accommodation in country houses, transfers and food)





Follow the Land is a transformational course on land consciousness.


Following an intensive three week taught programme delivered online via Zoom, you will go on an 8-day placement of your choice in one of four amazing destinations: Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia or Cyprus.

Land consciousness starts with a process of unlearning and remembering.

For hundreds of thousands of years, humans lived nomadic lifestyles in relative harmony with the flows and changes of the land. In an age post Covid, what does it mean to remember the power of land and to start following the land once again? In this unique course, you will explore three different cultural forms of land following: trekking, transhumance and pilgrimage.

You will learn how to read the landscape and achieve personal and collective bond with land in order to affirm your sense of belonging in these times of change.

Beautiful Landscape
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After the taught course, you have the choice of joining one of four amazing placements, run in partnership with Grampus Heritage / Erasmus 


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Screenshot 2021-06-21 at 10.54.36.png
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October 22- October 30 (dates fixed)

October 10- October 21 (dates fixed)

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October 22- October 30 (dates fixed)

October 22- October 30 (dates fixed)

Hiking With Child
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Guardians Worldwide is a UK Registered Charity. Please contact for further details.

Guardians Worldwide, 2021

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