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Little Guardians is a nature campaign led by children. We want a future for Nature. We're kids who enjoy organising nature camps, wild craft making, nature photography, making mini-documentaries and children led forest walks.


Right now we are passionate about soil. We need your support to fund a Soil School. It's an idea we have to teach other children all about the amazing the food cycle!



Did you know?

A healthy soil connects earth, plants and human gut as part of one single, organic cycle.


The Family and Friends

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Little Guardians creator and lead


Oli and Jacob

Little Guardians leads



Little Guardians forest school coordinator and mum

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Mini documentary workshop facilitator and dad


Little Guardians project admin and dad

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Little Guardians forest ranger

and dad

Here are some of the fun things we do in Little Guardians

Mini documentary making and nature photography

Guided forest walks

Clay Art

Wild clay modelling and wild crafts

Did you know?

According to the government,more than one in nine children in England have not set foot in a park, forest, beach or any other natural environment for at least 12 months

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Little Guardians camps

Little Guardians is 3 day camp hosted and facilitated by Emma Beard (Forest School expert), Lee Walther (National Trust ranger), Nicolas Salazar Sutil (Director Guardians Worldwide), and their children. Together, we will nurture imagination, skill and knowledge. Children will be making fires, setting camp, and preparing/cooking food together for adults. We will be learning from shared experience and from what Nature reveals at different times of the day and night-- during different seasons and times of year. 

The camps are held in Fittleworth, within the South Downs National Park,Sussex, within a five acre woodland owned by Lee Walther and Emma Beard. The forest campsite is located 10 minutes from Worthing and one hour from London by car. There are good bus and train connections.

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