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The Giving Course, with Vandana Shiva


May 3-June 14, 2023. Every Wednesday 19:30pm /16:00pm GMT

All sessions via zoom on Mighty Networks + face to face gatherings around the world.


Pay what you want. Limited availability.

Online community course on forest and food consciousness




“Food connects us to all places, and to the one and only earth that nourishes us all” 

   -- Vandana Shiva

What is the course about?

After all we took away, it is time to give back. 


We invite you to join this unique community course on food consciousness. If you want to meet lots of likeminded people who seek to know more about food and forests, join us.


Change will not happen from the outside. It will happen from within. From that part of you that feeds and is fed:  your soul.

The Giving Course with Vandana Shiva + Guardians Worldwide

Have you asked yourself this:

Where does my food come from?

How can I produce my own food?

What is the state of the world's food security, and how does consumption drive deforestation and inequality?

Will changing my food habits at home make a difference in combatting climate change?

Why is it vital that farm and forest becomes the same? Should I avoid supermarkets?

What can I learn from traditional peoples?

Is food consciousness a form of spirituality?


This community course will raise food awareness and build, strengthen and connect food conscious communities and people around the world.  


We believe that a new food system is needed to replace the existing commodity system. We have to grow food awareness together to stop deforestation and climate emergency. No longer can we act as individuals,  as single authors of our lives, but as interdependent communities that know how to grow and share the earth's nourishment.

Course Contents


Led by world-renowned activist and author Vandana Shiva, The Giving Course is an online and physical journey of connection with seeds, food and indigenous forms of forest living.


We will embed Ayurveda medicine, spiritual activism and ritual within daily values and food practices that you can apply in your daily life.


We will learn from indigenous and tribal practitioners who grew up and live in ancestral forests, and who understand the transformational power of plants, trees, fungi and soils.


Is this course practical? The answer is yes. Through practice our teachers will share five principles of food consciousness:


  • Security: what is happening in the world in terms of feeding humanity fairly.   


  • Sovereignty: how to make communities self-sufficient and how to gain ownership of  our own local food and seeds.

  •  Production: why is it necessary to shift from farming for money, to  farming for  regeneration.

  • Distribution: where to shop, buy and consume your food, which foods are most damaging to the forest and why.

  •  Growing: what it takes to start growing your own food or develop your seed project, striving for a life that is healthy and disease-free.  


We imagine this course as a collective meal, where you all bring your own knowledge and practices to share, so that we can learn from each other, as a growing collective.

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Our teachers in this journey of transformation are:


Vandana Shiva


World renowned Indian activist, campaigner and author. Vandana will teach us about food activism, food campaigning, food justice, seeds, and international women's rights.

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Mahesh Mathpati

Member of the Lingayat people of India, Mahesh grew up as a tribal in the Sahyadri forest of Maharashtra. He will teach us traditional Ayurveda medicine, food spirituality, and tribal food growing techniques. 

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Tawana and Claudia Cruz

Spiritual leaders of the Kariri-Xoko peoples of Northeastern Brazil, original inhabitants of the Atlantic Forest, Tawana and Claudia will teach us about food sharing through ritual practices of thanksgiving and connection.

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Nicolas Salazar Sutil

Nic is founder and director of Guardians Worldwide, editor of Minority Rights Group and Consultant for the Tenure Facility. He is a community builder and human/nature rights advocate. He will teach us about foods and markets that drive deforestation, local food production, and how to plan a food plan at home that is eco-friendly.


Leonard Mindore


Leonard is a member of the indigenous Ogiek peoples of Kenya. He is a land defender and environmentalist. He will teach us about wild bees, wild honey, and forest tree nurseries in Mau forest, drawing on traditional ecological kowledge.

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