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Guardians Worldwide in partnership with Off the Cuff Herne Hill


Stage Setup

Benefit Concert

Guardians of Great North Wood

Benefit Concert

November 2, Starts 19:30


Off the Cuff

Bottom Arch

301-303 Railton Rd

London SE24 0JN



This live gig celebrates the local forests of the Great North Wood that once stretched from Camberwell to Croydon, and which gave name to Herne Hill, after Herne, the mythic god of wilderness in Celtic lore.


The music we have brought together for this special event is inspired by our local woodlands, and we hope to also connect our audiences to exciting work that is happening to help reforest this part of London.


We are raising awareness of the work that Guardians Worldwide is conducting at the Tree Rescue Hub in Sydenham Hill, where volunteers are planting 1000 trees, collecting 3000 seeds, and protecting a 0.5 hectare of ancient woodland.



Our set list includes:


Zeu Azevedo, world-renowned Brazilian singer, songwriter and accordionist


Georgia Duncan, New Cross based singer songwriter  


Leeds Conservatoire guests


The Saucepan, blues band from North London


Juniper Fuse

The event is free- you can make donations at the door!

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