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Guardians of the River: a transformatiVE course on river guardianship


With Rajendra Singh, Michal Kravcik, Uncle Bruce Shillingsworth, Anne Poelina, Ikal Angelei, Daniel Kobei, Tawana Kariri-Xoco, Edgar Kanayko, Adib Dada, Maida Bilal and many more. 

Guardians of the River is a transformational and experiential course on river guardianship curated by Guardians Worldwide and Advaya.

About the course

The course is hosted by Nicolas Salazar Sutil, Ruby Reed and Christabel Reed on Zoom via the Mighty Network platform. Each week, a different river guardian will present a biography of an iconic river. Our river guardians will share insights into key aspects of river guardianship including:

  • activism

  • community building

  • legal rights

  • cultural and artistic practices

  • traditional knowledge

  • political action

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