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Planting a Tree
Tree Rescue Hubs
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Guardians Tree Rescue Hubs in Mau Forest (Kenya), Sydenham Hill Wood (London) and Kano (Nigeria)

Tree Rescue Hubs are community spaces for the growth of non-commercial native trees, which will be planted in community spaces and in reforestation areas. We grow our trees from seed and we also rescue saplings growing in roadsides or paths. Each community has its own motivations for the growth of trees, for instance: inter-generational connection, preservation of traditional cultural practices and climate action through alleviation of heatwaves, flooding and drought.

Grange Lane Tree Rescue Hub

Guardians Tree Rescue Hub at Dulwich Wood, October 2023 

Established in August 2023, our London Hub is located within the historic Great North Wood in Southwark. The Great North Wood is the nearest ancestral woodland to any capital city centre in Europe, and a unique natural heritage, home to rare species like the Jersey Tiger Moth, wood anemone, whitebeam and several species of bats. 

There are many historic trees in the area like William's Blake Angel Oak, the Vicar's Oak, the Oak of Honour (named after Elizabeth I), and the Guardian of Beulah Heights, thought to be the oldest living oak in London. The area is also home to some of the most extraordinary boundary trees in the capital, for instance the Wood Vale oaks, survivors of the historic woodland that once stretched from Camberwell to Croydon.

We currently are growing almost 1,000 saplings at the Grange Lane Hub: 630 Sessile Oak, 105 Sycamore, 55 English Oak, 27 Ash, 10 Turkey Oak, 9 Horse Chestnut, 5 Elder, 5 Apple Trees, 3 Wild Cherry trees, 3 Pear trees, 2 Fig trees, 1 Walnut tree, 1 Cherry tree, 1 Olive tree, 1 Hawthorn and 1 Hazel.

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Mau Forest Tree Rescue Hub

Our Mau Forest Hub  is located within a community forest at the heart of Mau Forest in Nakuru County, Kenya.

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Kano City Tree Rescue Hub

Our Kano Hub is located in Kano City in Northeastern Nigeria.

Our Approach

We follow a rights based approach to reforestation. That means we prioritize human rights and rights of nature in everything we do. 

The Right to Land 

A forest starts from with the land. We promote territorial rights as well as the right to clean soils and waters. Collective lands and community access to land is vital to our understanding of forest as community. 

The Right to Seed

We believe that communities have a right to seed and future growth. It is especially important that communities have stores of native species, and that seed diversity is secured for future food stability and protection of biodiversity.

The Right to Growth

 We support the right to grow life-- to cultivate, to nurture, to enliven and to invigorate land and community without the risk of degradation, debilitation and destruction for the sake of economic interests.

The Right to Lifecycles

Our approach finally requires support of a woodland’s existing efforts at regeneration through life cycles; nitrogen, water, soil and food cycles especially. 

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