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Our full river school programme starts May 2023

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Aerial View of River

Meet The Team


River School at the Navigations, River Wey with Guildford Rowing Club

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What do we do in River School?

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Our school is entirely based on nature revelation. We follow the river as our teacher. We learn through experience and journeying. We learn through: 

  •   Action: river cleaning, litter picking and restoration.

  •   Contemplation: dowsing, river bathing, wading.

  •   Play and leisure: river games and activities.

  •   Reflection: river is a mirror of the problems and injustices affecting society.

We are humbled by the river's direct and spontaneous form of natural teaching and learning.

Hand, Head, Heart & Rivers
Our Approach
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The natural world is experiencing a tipping point. The water cycle is being disrupted by climate change, industrial pollution, major infrastructure, extractivism and human greed. Children should not be exposed to climate anxiety, but nor should the issues underpinning climate catastrophe be hidden.


We believe children should be given a calm and gentle space where they can develop an ecological consciousness that is safe, supportive and empowering.


Pedagogies of Justice must ask the hard questions: why do rivers get tunnelled and hidden, why are rivers canalised and dammed, why are rivers polluted, why is there so much plastic in rivers? Who is responsible? Why aren’t many people responding? Why the apathy? How can this situation change for the better? What can I do to support my local river?

To find out more about River School, or to join, please contact

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