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“This is the moment when the hurt ones become the healers ” 

Francisquinha, traditional Amazonian healer


Limited availability

The Healing Course

6-week online course on planetary health in times of climate change

March 6 - April 11, 2024 

19:30 GMT/20:30 CET on Wednesdays 

Participant led circles on Thursdays

Via zoom and on our Mighty Networks platform


All sessions are in English to a live global audience, or in Portuguese with simultaneous translation into English.

Please make a voluntary donation to register

  • How is climate change related to human health?     

  • What do traditional healers say about finding solutions to the climate emergency?

  • How are deforestation and the water crisis linked to global pandemics like Covid?

  • How can indigenous wisdom help combat climate anxiety and feelings of environmental loss?

  • What can I learn from indigenous healers about the relationship between planet and human health?

  • What can plants and trees teach me about health and well-being?



                                         Have you ever wondered?



Guardians Worldwide is well-known around the world for creating unique online learning experiences led by traditional knowledge keepers. 


We invite you to this unique online community course on planetary health in times of climate change

Our online transformational course covers 7 crucial themes within the overarching idea of One Health:

      1. Transitioning beyond colonial health systems

      2. Climate change and planetary health

      3. Solastalgia & dealing with environmental loss

      4. The power of ritual, chant and prayer

      5. Ayahuasca 

      6. Medicinal Plants and Drinks (Forest Honey)

      7. Becoming a healer


Guardians Courses

"A transformational experience like no other"


Ana MacArthur, New York

Why take this course now?


The ongoing climate crisis is a health crisis. The destruction of forests and water systems bears a direct link to disease, both in terms of viral and bacterial pandemics and the epidemic of mental health.


Institutional, pharmaceutical, clinical and commercial understandings of health are not sufficient to deal with climate crisis. It is time to deepen our spiritual and planetary sense of well-being. Indigenous people hold the key to this change.

Screenshot 2023-01-15 at 15.43.27-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoom.png

Our teachers on this journey are:


Francisquina Vawakuru


Franscisquina is an elder and healer of the Shawandawa peoples of Alto Jurua, in the state of Acre, Brazilian Amazon.


Kaya Shawandawa

Kaya (Adeildo) is an Ayahuasca healer and community leader of the Shawandaw people of the Jurua River in Acre State (Brazilian Amazon).

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 20_edited.png

Tawana Kariri Xoko

Spiritual leader of the Kariri- Xoko peoples of Northeastern Brazil, original inhabitants of the Atlantic Forest, Tawana comes from a long line of community leaders and healers. His family leads the Reserva Ecologica Fulkaxo tribal project. He is a member of the board of Guardians Worldwide.


Claudia Cruz Kariri Xoko

A member of the Kariri-Xoko Fulkaxo peoples of Northeaster Brazil, Claudia is a community leader and plant practitioner


Leonard Mindore


Leonard is a member of the indigenous Ogiek peoples of Kenya. He is a land defender and environmentalist. He is the director of Program for the Heritage of the Ogiek and Mother Earth (PROHOME) and a board member of Guardians Worldwide.


Datu Lanelio Sangcoan

Datu is a community leader of the indigenous Higa-Onon peoples of Mindanao Forest, in Philippines. He is also Director of Tribes and earth Defenders.

What our course participants say

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