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Open Climate
Webinar Series

Changing the story of climate change

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Guardianes del Bosque, directed by Sebastian Melo, with Alex Melinir, produced by Guardians Worldwide, 2021

How biased and injust are climate change narratives?

Current debates on climate change are dominated by political and media agendas that prioritise the interests of white, urban elites. Climate solutions are often discussed with regards to energy, economic growth, transport, carbon zero, waste disposal and development.

Open Climate is a unique space to share minority and marginal perspectives on climate change that offer constructive, positive and actionable solutions to the climate emergency.

Previous events in the series

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Is climate change in our heads? In this opening session of the webinar series, we discuss how to decolonise climate change, and what we can learn. from Indigenous, land-based and bodily perspectives.

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