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Proyecto Harakbut: the Culture and Oral traditions of Madre de Dios forest guardians
Harakbut People
Madre de Dios, Amazon, Peru
Hectares: 5,500



Yesica Patiachi became an internet sensation after her speech before Pope Francis, during a Vatican visit to the Peruvian Amazon in 2018, became viral given Yesica's passionate plea for the the Amazon Forest. Yesica is an educator, activist and community leader of the Harakbut tribe in Madre de Dios, Peru. She was the first person to publish a bilingual version of the Harakbut peoples' myths and stories, which she did to preserve and maintain the oral tradition of her people.


We are supporting community resilience and forest education drawing on the ancestral wisdoms of the Harakbut people. Combining media technology and traditional knowledge, this project seeks to archive, preserve and transmit traditional forest knowledge, while at the same time providing a means of guarding the forest through photo documentation of the devastation of the Amazon jungle following illegal mining.

Please donate to Guardians Worldwide. Your contributions will go toward the communication and advocacy work that Robertho and Yesica are conducting to protect and raise awareness of the Harakbut Indigenous guardians of the Madre de Dios Forests in the Peruvian Amazon 

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