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     What is the Indigenous Future? 


Where: Sala Enrique Sazie, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile

When: 01 December 16:30 Santiago | 19:30 GMT

Event in Spanish and Portuguese


The event is free.

To register and join online follow this link.

This event will be live in Santiago de Chile, with all presenters attending in person. If you are not in Chile, you can follow us through livestream on Guardians facebook page


The context of the session is the representation of indigenous people in international forums, particularly in the context of climate justice, human rights and social movements. Indigenous peoples are often stereotyped in the international community and media to fit a global system of political representation. International forums tend to be underpinned by the imposition of colonial languages, values, terms of reference, and Western forms of political representation that marginalise and can undermine minorities and indigenous communities. We seek to facilitate a space where members of indigenous communities from across South America/Abya Yala can debate the idea of ancestral future in a way that is context-, language- and culture-specific. In other words, we want to debate what an indigenous public future means as defined by indigenous participants themselves. Why is indigenous futurism such a potent idea behind current social movements? What does this idea involve? To what extent is it necessary to dismantle historical colonial systems of representation and allow for open spaces for the transmission of indigenous wisdoms in their own terms? How can meaningful engagement with ancestral knowledges be curated in the context of an international conference?



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