Indigenous and non-indigenous. Young and Old. Urban and Rural. We are:


No more blame. No more passing of the bucket. Responsibility and care for the environment applies to every one of us. Not just future generations. Not just Indigenous guardians.


Act Now and Become a Guardian 


  A global movement for shared nature guardianship

Learning, training, capacity building and networking for Guardians of Forest, River and Climate


Was established in December 2019. Our movement is devoted to the training and teaching of nature guardianship, as well as supporting guardian communities through capacity building, networking and exchange. We are a collective of Indigenous and non-Indigenous nature defenders.

What we do

Nature is the Future

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Guardians Worldwide is an organisation and a movement that facilitates transformational learning to individuals, groups and organisations. Everyone-- regardless of race, colour, class, gender or ethnicity-- can become a guardian of forest, river and land.


We build guardian communities and mobilise nature guardianship, amplifying and connecting the voices of those who live with rivers and forests. We provide ongoing economic, paralegal and logistic support to Indigenous and women guardians who show evidence of land stewardship and climate action.


We have supported and connected guardians from over 40 nations worldwide, facilitating massive online open courses, short courses, training programmes, research programmes, nature reconnection, exchanges, international placements, children's camps, skills transfers, webinars, guardian media production and guardian training.



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