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Arara Project

Supporting Amazon Forest restoration, Brazil

ARARA has four main steps:


1. Our Guardians join Restor, a database launched for the World Economic Forum 1 Trillion Tree Project. Once on Restor the Guardians upload plots of land and guide the reforestation and eco-restoration work carried out in their Territories.


2. Using Indigo and Earth Online, our Guardians make a satellite measurement of biomass increase to calculate increase in forest mass achieved thanks to their reforestation work.

3. We help automate a carbon credits reward system for capture of atmospheric carbon (priority for COP26!) so that our Guardians can start obtaining carbon credits (i.e. carbon trading and carbon taxes) in exchange for their carbon sequestration work.

4. We are developing the ARARA App to connect micro-finance in the form of a cell phone + banking app + solar panel for recharge. For very remote places, normal cell phones can directly link to satellites via AST Mobile. With a very intuitive App people can upload their information, upload their plot details, and then the biomass increase is credited to their account.


We hope that TEK tech solution will engage millions of people, many of them poor and in remote areas, and that it will encourage them to grow forests and make a living out of reforestation. 


The reforestation and forest protection work conducted by our Guardians is often hampered by lack of economic resources, insecurity, lack of capacity building and absence of technological support in the Territories. ARARA is our elegant solution, which combines digital technology and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK).

The Amazon Restoration Army Reward App (ARARA) is a tech solution for fast regeneration of the Amazon Forest and other tropical and temperate forests. It works by giving an economic income to forest inhabitants based on mostly existing technologies. The architecture can create a seamless automatic payment system linking carbon credits to small (and large) land owners who are regrowing forests and burying carbon. 

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