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Boro Baski

Forest Community Leader and educator, West Bengal India


Emma Beard

Forest teacher and guardian, Wild in Washington, UK

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Aldo Benitez

Environmental journalist, Paraguay


Leonard Mindore

Forest defender, Kenya

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Rob Delaet

Forest Guardian, Holland/ Brazil

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Amal Dissanayake

Animal-Human conflict researcher, Sri Lanka


Mercy Ette

Media and Conflict researcher, Nigeria

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Kamilu Hassan

Educator and oral historian, Kano, Nigeria

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Tawana Cruz

Community leader, Kariri Xoco nation, Brazil

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Datu Lanelio Sangcoan 

Indigenous leader,

Higa-anon People, Philippines

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Daniel Kobei

Indigenous leader, Ogiek Peoples, Kenya

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Andrey Laletin

Forest guardian, Siberian Forest, Russia

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Ana MacArthur

Transdisciplinary artist, Santa Fe, USA

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Ketty Marcelo

Indigenous leader, Ashaninka nation, Peru

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Alex Melinir

Forest guardian, Pewenche nation, Chile


Robertho Paredes

Nature photographer and communicator, Madre de Dios, Peru

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Gita Parihar

Human Rights advocate, UK/India

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Yesica Patiachi

Educator, artist, author, Harakbut nation, Peru


Nico Salazar

Educator, Researcher, Communicator, Chile/UK

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Laura Santamaria

Editor, Sublime Magazine Argentina/UK

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Adeildo Shawandawa

Community leader, Shawandawa nation, Brazil

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Yanda Twaru

Communicator, Sapara nation, Ecuador 

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Lee Walther

Forest guardian, Wild in Washington, UK

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