Jalli Bush Regeneration Project

Maguzawa People

Kano State, Nigeria

Hectares: 750



Kamilu is the founder of Al Fitra Academy, a local school in Kano State. Mainly through independent work, Kamilu has been studying and living with the Maguzawa, or Hausa animists who live in this region of Northeastern Nigeria. Guardians Worldwide works with Al Fitra Academy in Kano, who is supporting several Maguzawa communities in Kano State, through communication and advocacy work around the Jalli Bush, an area considered to have spiritual powers by the local Maguzawa or Hausa Animists.


Cutting down of trees and burning is forbidden in this area, because the Maguzawa believe their ancestors reside in the trees. However, due to climate change related drought, many Maguzawa now say that the spirit of their sacred trees, such as the kuka or African baobab (Adansonia digitata), have been exiled. Our work is providing much needed economic and communication support to keep the Maguzawa forest guardianship traditions alive.


The Maguzawa are traditional Hausa speaking animists and forest spirit worshippers, who live in rural communities in Northeastern Nigeria.

Please donate to Guardians Worldwide. Your contributions will go toward the work Al Fitra Academy does in support of Maguzawa villagers do to patrol and monitor Jalli Bush and the kuka tree from logging and fires.