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The Hub


Located on a landstrip between Dulwich Wood and Grange Lane Allotments (GLA), Tree Rescue Hub is the name of the 0.5 hectare area we protect (leased from the Dulwich Estate and GLA). The Hub contains a shed, a hut, several picnic tables, a community space, an eco-loo and a small pond. The land also contains a tree nursery (349 trees we grew from seed), an orchard (32 fruit trees we planted) and 44 existing trees. We are also working on a dumpsite where we plan to create a Soil School.

You can see a satellite image of Guardians' Tree Rescue Hub HERE

About the Great North Wood

Guardians Tree Rescue Hub at Dulwich Wood, October 2023 

Our land is located within the historic Great North Wood, which is the nearest ancestral woodland to any capital city centre in Europe, and a unique natural heritage, home to rare species like the Jersey Tiger Moth, wood anemone, whitebeam and several species of bats. 

There are many historic trees in the area like William's Blake Angel Oak, the Vicar's Oak (named after the legendary Vicar of Lewisham), the Oak of Honour (named after Elizabeth I), and the Guardian of Beulah Heights, thought to be the oldest living oak in London. The area is also home to some of the most extraordinary old boundary trees in London, survivors of the historic woodland that once stretched from Camberwell to Croydon.

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Community Projects

Guardians of the Great North Wood: Soundwood (2023-4)

Funded by Climate Hackathon, Leeds Conservatoire

A project in partnership with University of Manchester and Leeds Conservatoire that engages sound artists, activists, musicians and story-tellers in environmental acoustics, addressing the impact of sound pollution and exploring the musicality of trees.

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Woodland Appreciation Walks 

 Funded by Lush Charity Pot

A series of regular walks and talks along various woodlands within the Great North Wood area with local community members and members of the Guardians Worldwide community from across the UK and abroad. 


Children and Youth Tree Planting

Funded by The Tree Council

A project that engages local children in tree planting, seed collecting and soil management activities  

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Guardians Community Food Forest

A project that engages local people from marginalized communities in Southwark, Bromley and Lewisham in developing participatory mapping for the design of a food forest within the Tree Rescue Hub, as well as developing compost heaps and eco-loo.

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Gypsies and Irish Travelers: the cultural memory of the Great North Wood

Funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund

A project that engages English Gypsy, Roma and Traveler communities from Southwark, Bromley and Lewisham in tree-planting, soil management, skills development, and cultural appreciation of the history of the Norwood Gypsies, the historical guardians of the Great North Wood. There will be several events dedicated to Gypsy and Traveller heritage as part of the Treemoot Festival and we will also be commissioning artwork from Romani artist Rhona Iris as part of this project. 

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