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Meet Yanda Tawra
Sapara Indigenous Territory
Sapara People
Ecuadorian Amazon
Hectares: 49,000


By donating to Tawna and the Sapara Guardian you are supporting:

  • the processes of defence of indigenous territories;

  • strengthening Amazonian cultural legacies;

  • support the young people of the Amazon in learning audiovisual communication.

Yanda's Story


Yanda Montahuano is a Guardian from the Sapara people of Ecuadorian Amazon. He is a filmmaker, defender and communicator of nature’s rights, dreamer and co-founder of the NGO Tawna: a multicultural film organisation with a focus on Amazonian narrative.

Through audiovisual storytelling they seek to:

Decolonise the audiovisual creation about the Amazon and its populations.
Generate a new cinema narrated from an Amazonian point of view.
Promote the creation of and access to digital culture in the Amazonian territories.



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