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A partnership between Guardians Worldwide and Wild in Washington

Little Guardians is a nature camp for families who want to experience nature connection. This unique camp has been designed and is run by a team of highly experienced Forest School experts, National Trust rangers and creative practitioners. We are a group of families working from our own personal experience of raising little guardians and stewarding the land. Little Guardians strives to create a lifelong community and social movement for the regeneration of family and land.

The Little Guardians camp was designed to help develop a relationship with ourselves, each other and the Nature. Ecology goes deep when it grows from this triangular relationship between our own well-being, the well-being of our little guardians and the health of our big mother: Nature.

Actually, what you really need to know is that Little Guardians is a lot of fun, and that by joining our community you will feel part of Nature's big family! We really want to hear from you and your amazing little guardians!

Happy Children
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Nature is the
future of education

Mini documentary making by 4 and 7 year old Leo and Maya (Little Guardians)

Little Guardian Camps

The camps are held in Fittleworth, in the idyllic South Downs National Park,Sussex, within a five acre woodland owned by Lee Walther and Emma Beard. The forest campsite is located 10 minutes from Worthing and one hour from London by car. There are good bus and train connections.

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What will parents and little guardians be doing?

Little Guardians is 3 day camp hosted and facilitated by Emma Beard (Forest School expert), Lee Walther (National Trust ranger), Nicolas Salazar Sutil (Director Guardians Worldwide), and their children. Together, we will nurture imagination, skill and knowledge. Children will be making fires, setting camp, and preparing/cooking food together for adults. We will be learning from shared experience and from what Nature reveals at different times of the day and night-- during different seasons and times of year. 

Dates to be confirmed

The camp consists of the following sessions:

  • Wonder and curiosity (a session on surrounding relationships with other beings in the area).

  • Sensual surroundings (a session on disappearing into the senses within the natural landscape) 

  • Developing sit spots and contemplative practices.

  • Tree identification in Fittleworth's amazing secret arboretum 

  • Night-time wonders (stories of the dark, meeting the beings that share the space with us after dusk).

  • Fire-making

  • Making shelters

  • Poetry, song 

  • Creative arts (working with leather, pewter, charcoal, copper, weaving, natural dyes and paints).

  • Mini documentary making (filming and recording the natural world)


The camps are designed for children and parents. Tents and camping equipment is not provided, so families must bring their own tents. Click on the "Learn more about the site" button above for details of facilities and location.

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